Haixin has been making every "artificial fur" with the continuous inheritance of craftsman spirit for decades, so as to spread the harmonious concept of "cherish life and care for animals", and lead the trend of human fashion. Haixin is brilliant because of "artificial fur", and "artificial fur" is brilliant because of Haixin. Haixin "artificial fur" has always been committed to meet the global green high-end consumption, constantly innovate and surpass, and strive to build the world's first "artificial fur" brand.
Through continuous market tempering and tempering, at present, the artificial fur production enterprises of Haixin Group mainly include two fabric production enterprises and two clothing production enterprises, with annual production of 6 million meters of high simulation fabrics and 2 million pieces of imitation fur clothing. In addition to a small amount of domestic consumer demand, the products are mainly sold to developed countries such as North America, Europe, Japan, Russia and so on.

With the continuous progress of human civilization and the continuous innovation and improvement of industrial production technology, Haixin "artificial fur" will make unremitting efforts and dedication for the harmonious development of human and nature.