In September 1986, with the approval of the foreign economic and Trade Commission of the Shanghai Municipal People's government, a Sino foreign joint venture Shanghai Haixin Co., Ltd. was established. The registered capital is 3 million US dollars. In 1992, the registered capital of the company increased by US $10 million twice.
On July 1, 1993, Wu Bangguo, then member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Shanghai municipal Party committee, inspected Haixin Co., Ltd. (Songjiang).

On November 1, 1993, Haixin issued 10 million RMB shares (stock abbreviation: Haixin shares, securities code: 600851) to the public, with paid in capital of 68.95 million yuan.

It was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on April 4, 1994.

On November 23, 1993, Haixin stock issued 35 million RMB special shares (stock abbreviation: Haixin B shares, stock code: 900917) to overseas legal persons and natural persons, with paid in capital of 23.03 million US dollars, which was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on December 8 of the same year.
On December 28, 1995, with the approval of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the people's Republic of China, Shanghai Haixin Co., Ltd. was renamed as Shanghai Haixin Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company").
By 2000, the company's main business has basically formed a textile industry chain with plush fabrics as the core, spinning, fabrics, blankets, toys and clothing.
In 2000, the company issued 60 million additional A shares to the public. After deducting the relevant expenses, the company raised a total of 812 million yuan, and gradually entered the reform stage of diversified development.
Since 2001, the company has successively held shares in 8 pharmaceutical enterprises, including Xi'an Haixin, Gannan Haixin, Suzhong Haixin, Suzhong pharmaceutical, Haixin pharmaceutical sales company and Haixin biotechnology company, forming an industrial chain of pharmaceutical R & D, production and sales.
In 2001, the company invested 231 million yuan in Changjiang Securities Company, accounting for 10% of its registered capital.
In May 2002, the company invested US $16.372 million to successfully acquire the textile division of American glenoit company with a history of 70 years, and obtained 46 permanent brand trademarks.
In 2003, the company, Changjiang Securities and Wuhan Iron and Steel Co sponsored the establishment of Changxin fund management company, with a registered capital of 90 million yuan, accounting for 34.33% of the company.
In November 2005, Shanghai Haixin toys, the company's holding subsidiary, became one of the licensed toy manufacturers and distributors of Fuwa, the mascot of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Fuwa's sales are very popular.
On December 27, 2007, Changjiang Securities was listed on the back door successfully, and the stock of Changjiang Securities held by the company rose sharply.
On July 26, 2012, Haixin biological, a holding subsidiary of the company, was approved to conduct phase III clinical trial of antigen sensitized human dendritic cells (APDC) by the State Drug Administration.
In 2013, the board of directors of the company agreed to borrow 20 million yuan from its holding subsidiary Haixin biological to start the phase III clinical trial of APDC project. In the phase III clinical research program of APDC project, 20 hospitals were selected as clinical research units, respectively located in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing and other places. The data management system of cell therapy products was established, and the data management system was updated and optimized.
In 2015, Haixin biological, the holding subsidiary of the company, has contacted and negotiated with more than 10 hospitals, initially established the cooperation intention, and basically established the phase III clinical research program of APDC project.
On December 28, 2016, the Company signed a "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with the People's Government of Dongjing Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, and Shanghai Lingang Holding Co. The three parties intend to complement each other's advantages and focus on the development and construction of industrial parks, operation and management and supporting services to form a close strategic partnership.
In May 2017, the board of directors of the company deliberated and approved the five-year development plan of Shanghai Haixin Group Co., Ltd. (2017-2021), and determined that the company intends to form a new industrial pattern of "one main, two wings, coordinated development" with medical and health industry as the main industry and real estate and financial investment as the auxiliary.
Haixin intelligent industrial park starts
The first phase project of Haixin intelligent industrial park was capped