Speed up the layout of the medical and health industry
Increase investment in the pharmaceutical sector
By the end of 2019, the company has 5 subordinate pharmaceutical enterprises, including 3 production enterprises, 1 sales enterprise and 1 R & D enterprise. The company aims to consolidate the business of the pharmaceutical sector and improve the quality of operation to ensure the steady development of the pharmaceutical sector. In 2019, the pharmaceutical sector achieved an operating revenue of 630 million yuan, an increase of 4.3% compared with 2018, and achieved a consolidated net profit of 38.88 million yuan.
Among the pharmaceutical enterprises,  Gannan Haixin has been listed on the new third board.
Gannan Haixin is listed on the new third board. In 2019, it will continue to grow well, successfully complete the "retreat from the city to the park", safely and orderly complete the relocation of the old factory and the commissioning of the new area, and complete the GMP certification of all preparation production lines. Xi'an Haixin will continue to improve its operation and management ability, focus on strengthening the production of raw materials and drugs, and lay the foundation for the development of the enterprise; Under the severe external market environment, Haixin pharmaceutical, on the one hand, adheres to the traditional business, strictly abides by the terminal channel, builds the marketing team, and at the same time, adheres to the innovation driven, innovation and change, actively responds to the challenges, goes against the trend, and keeps stable revenue; the phase III clinical trial of Haixin biological APDC project continues to advance, and as of the disclosure date of the annual report, the project has a total of 32 cases For example, during the reporting period, the company also carried out preliminary research on exploratory clinical trials; on the basis of rapid development in 2018, Suzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which is a shareholder of the company, will continue to flourish in 2019, bringing better investment returns to the company.
The pharmaceutical industry in which the company is located is not only an economic field of sustained and stable development in China, but also an important part of China's national economy. In 2019, from the pilot to the expansion of procurement with volume, the tax inspection of pharmaceutical enterprises by the regulatory authorities, the vaccine management law and the newly revised Drug Management Law are officially implemented; the industry policy and situation of strong supervision are the challenges to the operation and management of pharmaceutical enterprises. At the same time, the opening of the science and technology innovation board, the introduction of the drug marketing license holder system to the whole country, and the state's support for domestic innovative drugs all provide more opportunities for pharmaceutical enterprises with good quality.
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2. For the treatment of chronic hypocalcemia, hypophosphatemia, rickets, osteomalacia with chronic renal insufficiency, familial hypophosphatemia and (postoperative, idiopathic or pseudo) hypoparathyroidism.

3. It can be used to treat acute and chronic tetany and idiopathic tetany.
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2. As an adjuvant therapy for malignant tumor: it can be used for eczema, thrombocytopenia, multiple infection syndrome, chronic skin and mucous membrane mycosis and other immune deficiency diseases.
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Take 1 tablet once, every 2 hours, 4-8 times a day.
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