historical development
Haixin, founded in 1986, is committed to early artificial fur, plush toys and textile fabric production and sales, in the late 1990 s, the group has become a domestic and Asia artificial fur (plush) industry one of the largest production suppliers, accounting for 25% of the domestic like product export quotas, achieved good economic and social benefits.
Around 2000, the group began to diversify its investment and operation. On the one hand, it actively invested in the field of biomedicine and pharmaceutical sales; on the other hand, it started to get involved in the financial field. It invested in Changjiang Securities and jointly established Changxin Fund Management Co., LTD with Changjiang Securities and WisCO., LTD.
After more than 30 years of development, Haixin has developed from A manufacturing and processing enterprise engaged in the production and sales of artificial plush products into A diversified investment holding group which is listed in Both A and B shares and integrates textile and clothing, medicine, financial investment and industrial real estate development.
A new industrial pattern of
Take root in China and become a leader in life care
In May 2017, the board of directors of the company deliberated and approved the five-year Development Plan of Shanghai Haixin Group Co., LTD. (2017-2021), and determined that the company intends to form a new industrial pattern of "one main and two wings and coordinated development" with the medical and health industry as the main industry and the real estate and financial investment as the auxiliary industry.
With the medical and health industry as the main body, on the basis of developing the existing pharmaceutical production and sales circulation, the tumor treatment industry will be focused on.
With the support of finance, it actively integrates the group's development ability through various ways such as merger, acquisition, joint venture and cooperation.
Construction platform with the development of medical park, international medical center and medical industry park, to gather and carry high quality project and medicine industry, the formation of "platform + medical + capital" for the development of new pattern, to promote the development of haixin become dominated by the tumor treatment and characteristic of medical health industry group.
Haixin Group has always been the leader of life care in China. In the early stage, the company has been committed to the production and sales of artificial fur, plush toys and textile fabrics, practicing the healthy green concept of "protecting animals and caring for life". While improving the quality of human life, it has made outstanding contributions to the cause of animal protection in China. At present, Haixin has become a united nation and is committed to the great health cause focusing on cancer. By introducing and developing international advanced medical technology, Haixin has established an integrated cancer industry chain, creating high-end and high-quality international medical resources for the people and bringing infinite hope for human health.