The company began to explore investment in the financial industry in 2000, invested in Changjiang Securities from 2000 to 2002, initiated the establishment of Changxin fund with Changjiang Securities and WISCO group in 2003, and discussed the participation in other securities companies, banks, and the establishment of small loan companies, etc. during this period, the company has made a variety of attempts in financial industry investment and accumulated rich management experience. In recent years, the financial industry in which the company shares has continued to pay dividends and has a good development momentum, and the financial investment of the company has obtained a stable return.
By the end of 2020, the company has a total of 248 million shares of Changjiang Securities, accounting for 4.49%. Changjiang Securities is the sixth listed securities company in China, with complete business qualifications, covering many fields such as securities brokerage, securities investment, securities underwriting, asset management, equity investment, capital intermediary, etc. it can provide comprehensive financial services for customers. At present, there are 31 securities holding companies, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, with more than 250 branches.
In 2019, Changjiang Securities achieved an operating income of 7.030 billion yuan and a net profit of 1.666 billion yuan attributable to the shareholders of the listed company. It takes the customer as the center, continuously deepens the strategic transformation, and makes every effort to promote the transformation of brokerage business from channel service to wealth management service; investment banking business from single financing channel service to comprehensive financial service; asset management business strengthens the construction of investment and research team, focusing on active management; investment business from relatively single investment mode to diversified strategic investment mode 。 The comprehensive enhancement of business capability and the effective improvement of coordination mechanism make the comprehensive service capability of Changjiang Securities improve steadily.
The registered capital of Changxin fund is 165 million yuan, and the company holds 31.21% of the shares. The business scope of Changxin fund includes initiation and establishment of fund, fund management business and other business approved by CSRC. At present, Changxin fund has managed 119 fund products, including hybrid, bond, stock, currency, QDII and index funds. Changxin fund has been focusing on the market direction, building multi-level product lines with different risk return characteristics to meet the diversified needs of investors. As of October 2020, the scale of public funds under management is 97 billion yuan.
In 2018, the Changxin pure bond No.1 bond securities investment fund managed by Changxin fund won the "three-year open-end bond continuous winning Taurus fund" and the "bond investment return" award. In 2019, Changxin Xinli flexible allocation hybrid (519969) managed by Changxin fund won the one-year Gold Fund · Dividend Fund Award in 2018, and Changxin gold sunflower pure bond a (002254) won the one-year ordinary bond Star Fund Award in 2018.
The tenet of Changxin fund is to "win trust and increase wealth". The core values of the company are "value investment as the concept, absolute return as the goal, pursuit of sustainable net worth performance, replicable product strategy and interpretable investment and research system". Adhering to the principle of attaching equal importance to standardization and development, innovation and improvement, and driven by the corporate culture of putting the interests of investors first, we have accumulated rich investment experience, precipitated a solid way of development of the company, practiced absolute income, operated in a compliant and steady manner, guaranteed the maximization of investors' interests, and steadily moved forward in the direction of sustainable and healthy development.